Immunity & Cellular Protection 

Natural recovery, scientifically validated in 15 years of research done in oncology departments at leading hospitals and universities.

Immunity & Cellular Protection 

Natural recovery, scientifically validated in 15 years of research done in oncology departments at leading hospitals and universities.

Multi-Action Active Shield, Scientifically Validated

Cells Protection & Recovery

Protectival™ promotes the recovery of red and white blood cells, and it selectively protects healthy cells while destroying damaged cells.*

Immune Enhancement

Protectival™ enhances your body’s natural ability to fight infections and illness, and has been shown to increase immune system activity by up to 400%.* (p)

Better Quality Of Life

Protectival™ has a profound impact on your well-being by reducing treatments’ side effects like fatigue, nausea, poor appetite, weakness, pain and impaired bowel function.*

Powered By Nature


Protectival is patented combination of 14 different botanicals, known by traditional medicine and verified by science for their qualities.  Protectival is made from 100% natural ingredients using the highest quality standards.

Each botanical was selected for its wide range of action and ability to work together synergistically, creating an outstanding combined effect in supporting immunity and cellular health.


Backed By Science

The safety and efficacy of Protectival™ is backed by 15 years of research done in collaboration with renowned oncologists and scientists from leading hospitals and universities, including Harvard University, MD Anderson, Miami Children’s Hospital, Shiba Hospital Tal Center for Integrative Oncology and more.

Protectival has been subject to the highest degree of testing. It has been tested in preclinical and clinical trials for:

  • Safety (c)
  • Effects on blood counts in patients undergoing chemotherapy (c)
  • Synergy with radiotherapy (p)
  • Effects on the immune system (p)
  • Impact on quality of life in conjunction with oncology treatments (c)
  • Effects on healthy and unhealthy cells (p)


Setting A New Standard for Quality and Safety

The safety & efficacy of Protectival are the result of intensive scientific research, product development, and a unique production control process.

Clinical Safety

Protectival™ was validated for safety in clinical trials. No side-effects or drug interaction issues have been reported.

Ingredients: Purity & Potency

At every production the ingredients are tested for bio-active potency and to ensure that they are free of toxins.

Good Manufacturing Practice

Protectival is produced under the highest quality control standards at a GMP certified production facility.


Protectival has helped me. It helped my body to adjust and fight whatever is there. This is what’s important.

Iris, Israel

I went through all kind of treatments but I also have already been taking Protectival and it was the best I could do for myself.

Elżbieta, Poland

It’s unbelievable how much better I am. Taking the pills every day, for almost 2 years and the results are outstanding.

Peter, France

I’ve been taking Protectival for a few months and I’ve been feeling very well with it.

Aleksandra, Denmark

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