10 facts making Protectival an outstanding supplement to take in conjunction with standard therapies


Over 80% of cancer patients use supplements in conjunction with their conventional treatments. Patients seek out supplements to boost their body’s ability to fight and recover from the disease, as well as to help counter and reduce the side effects from  conventional cancer therapies due to their toxic nature.

Using supplements is empowering as it helps patients to feel they are contributing positively to the management of their disease and the outcome of their treatment. However, patients’ decisions about using supplements is normally made based on a functional therapist’s recommendations, friend’s advice, or online research, without consulting their oncologist.

Oncologist’s have their patient’s best interest in mind. They wish to see their treatment work as effectively as possible against their patient’s cancer. They depend on their patients maintaining certain blood counts in order to carry them through the course of treatment, and they wish to minimize the variables that may affect those numbers. They can also be afraid of supplements either making a cancer drug more toxic to their patient, or interfering with the drug’s ability to kill cancer cells. Some oncologists are avoidant of things that they feel may complicate or confuse their treatments.  

Oncologists are driven by Evidenced Based Medicine (EBM) and as most supplements on the market do not have any research or science behind them, oncologists are often skeptical or even outright oppose their use. This leads to an unfortunate lack of communication between patients and their physicians, where over 75% of patients who take supplements are not even sharing that information with their oncologist.

When patients and physicians don’t communicate, it can lead to a lack of trust in the therapeutic relationship and can have a negative effect on treatment. Protectival is a botanical formula backed by extensive science that is here to change that.


Here are 10 facts about Protectival to share with your oncologist:


1. Backed by real science

Protectival is backed by 15 years of science, Protectival has the most comprehensive research performed on an herbal formula in cancer care supplementation. Research done in collaboration with oncologists from 7 leading hospitals and universities, including MD Anderson and Harvard University.

    2. Included in Clinical Trials

    The research conducted on Protectival included randomized, controlled, double blind clinical trials conducted on actual cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The research  evaluated the safety and efficacy in specific circumstances and was conducted by expert cancer researchers.


    3. Effect on blood counts

    Studies with Protectival showed significant improvement in maintaining white and red blood cells during chemotherapy treatment. 82% of patients did not suffer from a decrease in blood cell levels, which allows for continuity of treatment without the need to delay due to reduced  immunity or reduced red blood cell count. 


    4. Effect on side effects from chemotherapy

    Fatigue, weakness, pain, nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite are all major side effects that reduce a patient’s quality of life while undergoing chemotherapy.  Study results show a significant reduction of these side effects from chemotherapy treatments, with over 85% of patients reporting that Protectival helped reduce these symptoms. 


    5. Effect on radiation treatments

    Research showed synergistic effect with radiation treatments. The addition of Protectival to irradiated cancer cells results in an apparent additive effect, most likely through a reactive oxygen species (ROS) mediated mechanism. When exposed to these free radicals, cancer cell apoptosis (cell death) is encouraged, while Protectival maintains a protective effect on non-cancer cells.


    6. Safety of Protectival

    No side effects or drug interactions with Protectival have been reported during 15 years of research and 10 years of clinical experience. The research conducted on Protectival was done on the actual formula, testing its safety and efficacy. Additionally, research shows Protectival significantly reduces chemotherapy-induced toxicities such as anemia, leukopenia, and neutropenia, providing an additional protective effect.

    7. Well known ingredients

    Protectival’s ingredients have been used safely in botanical medicine for thousands of years. The ingredients in Protectival were chosen for their synergistic effects. They work in coordination utilizing ancient principles of herbal medicine. The ingredients are documented in hundreds of research articles for their individual efficacy and potential therapeutic benefits. 


    8. Research in Peer Reviewed Journals

    Protectival’s research was reviewed and published in 9  respected peer reviewed medical journals including the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, The Oncologist Journal, International Journal of Oncology and more.

    9. Received by the Medical community

    Protectival’s research has been selected to be presented both at UNESCO and the Society for Integrative Oncology.  Protectival enjoys a growing network of professionals from the field of oncology who utilize it as one of their protocols.


    10. Manufactured under the highest standards

    Protectival is produced under the highest quality control standards at a GMP certified production facility with batch to batch consistency testing to ensure product safety and potency. Protectival is sourced from botanical ingredients that are the highest quality. We bring you a supplement that can be trusted for its safety and purity. 


    Finally there’s supplement here to help you flow through a successful cancer regimen with improved outcomes proven by research.

    Meant to work with conventional medicine cancer treatments, Protectival is a supplement that patients can feel safe talking to their oncologist about due to solid research. A leader in the Integrative Medicine movement, LifeBiotic brings the wisdom of traditional medicine into the world of modern science.  

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