Immunity Pack – 4 Protectival + 2 Tonix-R

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Winter is coming! 

This is the time to take your immunity to the next level with LifeBiotic’s winter immunity pack to boost and protect your immune system. 

Winter is one of the more important times of year to shield yourself from potential pathogens. With cold winds and holiday activities, the chance of being exposed to different seasonal illnesses increases. Our winter immunity pack is a strong defensive combination to help keep you feeling confident that you have nature on your side during these months. 

Protectival and Tonix-R work synergistically, covering different aspects of the immune system. Protectival benefits the immune system and helps support recovery, and Tonix-R acts as an effective energy booster to combat fatigue in addition to having immune enhancement properties.

About Protectival

Protectival, the Active Shield for immunity and healthy cells, is a patented formulation of natural ingredients backed by 15 years of research done in oncology departments at leading hospitals and universities. Consisting of a blend of herbs that have been used safely and effectively in botanical medicine for thousands of years, the ingredients in Protectival were chosen for their synergistic effects. They work in combination utilizing the principles of herbal medicine. 

The effect of Protectival on various components of the immune system shows it’s positive benefits. Our patented formulation demonstrates that it has the capacity to modulate the immune system, increasing its activity by up to 400%, enhancing your body’s natural ability to fight infections viruses and illness.

About Tonix-R

Tonix-R is a comprehensive blend developed by our medical experts and manufactured through a unique process. It is a natural supplement is a concentrated liquid tincture formula of medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Our formulation consists of ingredients that are validated scientifically and is designed to promote vitality and boost the immune system. 

Mushrooms have played an important role for centuries in herbal medicine. It has long been known that they are beneficial in protecting health, including increasing immunity and energy levels. We combined trusted medicinal mushrooms with strong botanicals to create a powerfully effective and protective combination.Tonix-R could be taken for a few days for an immediate boost of the immune system or is safe and effective enough to use for longer periods of time for ongoing support. 

Protectival and Tonix-R Harmonizes Your Immunity

Brave the elements and the holiday season with this safe and effective combination at your side. Protectival and Tonix-R used in combination has your back during these colder months to help you stay on top of winter’s challenges.

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